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Private sinus specialist in Bristol




Sinusitis is characterised by facial pain, a runny nose, reduced sense of smell and nasal blockage. These symptoms can significantly impair a person's quality of life. Investigations for sinusitis may include allergy testing and either CT or MRI scans. Initial treatment consists of nasal sprays, +/- antibiotics, however, if these fail to improve symptoms, sinus surgery may be required.


Nasal obstruction (blockage) may be caused by inflammation within the nasal cavity (rhinitis) or by structural problems within the nose such as a deviated nasal septum. Careful examination of the nose is required to identify the cause of the blockage. Rhinitis is usually amenable to treatment with nasal sprays, but if symptoms do not improve turbinate surgery may be required. Where deviation of the nasal septum is the cause of the nasal blockage, surgery in the form of a septoplasty will often improve symptoms.


Nose bleeds are a common problem, that can cause significant disruption to a person's quality of life. In most cases the bleeding occurs from a vascular area on the front part of the nasal septum. Initial assessment involves a thorough examination of the nasal cavity to identify the site of bleeding, followed by cautery to the bleeding point under local anaesthetic. This treatment is highly effective and reduces the risk of further nose bleeds.

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